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Meet the team

Currently our team consists of Myself (Debbi) and Neil Cole (of Museum of Classic Sci-Fi fame) Neil has had 25+ years teaching experience teaching everything from Maths and English to music and Art. He has spent the last part of his teaching career specialising in Art and his classroom became the face of the Arts Mark award, he even had a TARDIS in his classroom! He started building the Museum of Classic Sci-Fi in 2016 and it has gone from strength to strength since then often getting the interest of actors, producers and sci-fi enthusiasts alike. He has appeared on Netflix's Amazing Interiors and a variety of other TV and DVD productions (check out his website for more info!) Neil has restored all the monsters in the museum himself and is passionate about comic art as well as just being an awesome human!

A little bit about me...I am a qualified Design Technology Teacher from Rural Northumberland. I have a degree in Art and I am currently studying for a MA in Education specialising in inclusion. I have lots of interesting qualifications such as an A level in Russian and a TEFL certificate that I don't use on a daily basis! I have 4 children of my own and we have quite a neurodiverse household- I am autistic as well as some of my children so I have lived experience of how being autistic affects all aspects of daily life.  I am passionate about art being accessible for all and so decided to set up Debbi's Doodles!


It is our aim to create a warm and welcoming creative atmosphere here at Debbi's Doodles. We would love to welcome you to the studio. We do one-to-one sessions after school and at weekends for any age and ability. Message me to book your child's session. 

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